Mirror Mirror



Supplies Needed

PSP- I used X but will work in any version
1 Tube of Choice. I used the Artwork of Jennifer Janesko
You will need to purchase a license to use her work
and can be purchased here from CILM.
Font of choice I used SimSun
Scrap Kit Raspberry Delight from Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps
Masks from Rachel at Enchanted by Darkness
(Thanks Rachel!)
Okay let's get started
Open a new image 600x600 (we can resize later)
Open your tube, and all other supplies.
Layers, new raster layer floodfill with white.
Paste paper of choice as a new layer.
Resize by 80%.
Layers, new mask layer from image,
Find EBDMask3, source luminance checked, invert mask data unchecked, OK.
Merge, Merge group.
Resize by 80%.
You will notice that this layer has a tinge of the paper colour around it, so we are going to get rid of it.
New Raster layer, now using your eclipse tool, draw out a circle to the size you would like the main circle.
Line Style straight, Width 3.00. Foreground Colour of choice. Close of background layer.
Once happy with its placement and size, convert to raster layer.
Using your magic wand, select inside the circle, selections, modify, expand by 4, OK.
Selections, Invert, back on your mask layer, hit delete on your keyboard. Select none.
New raster layer, floodfill with black, move this layer below the mask layer.
Find EBDMask7, source luminance checked, invert mask data unchecked, OK.
Merge, Merge group.
Resize by 60%, twice. Add a drop shadow.
Now just start to duplicate and mirror, and flip to suit place around the circle to your liking.
Close off all layers, except the black mask layers, merge these layers visible.
Unhide all layers.
Now back on your circle layer. Use your magic wand, and select inside the circle, selections,
modify expand by 2,OK.
Now back on the black mask layer, hit delete on your keyboard, select none.
Add a drop shadow to the circle layer.
Resize each individual layer by 90%.
Add the bow, resize by 70%, add a drop shadow.
Add the Chrystal Hanger, resize by 60%, add a drop shadow.
Now add your main tube, position where suitable.
Either duplicate and mirror, or add the tube again and position where suitable, this will be your mirror image.
Leave your main image over the circle if it is suitable.
Now on your circle layer click inside with your magic wand, selections, modify, expand by 3, OK. Invert.
Now on your 2nd tube layer hit delete on the keyboard.
Change the opacity on this level to Soft Light, I duplicated mine twice so it was a little stronger.
Paste your tag, and position and resize were suitable.
Add wording of choice.
At this point you can add any extra embellishments or ribbons of choice.
Add your name, and all appropriate copywrite, and your done.

That's it, all done.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

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