In The Pink

In The Pink

Supplies Needed

  • PSP- I used X but will work in any version
  • 1 Tube of Choice
    I used the Artwork of Angela Newman
    You will need to purchase a license to use her work 
    here from AMI. 
  • Filter Xero (Porcelain)
  • Font of choice I used Weltron
  • Scrapkit used is Forever Friends from Ali of Designs by Ali.
  • Please visit her blog site here
  • I purchased her kit on sale  here
Okay let's get started

Open a New Image 500x500
Open your Tube or Image 
Open the Scrap Kit, I used Doodle Frame1, Paper3, Paper5, Can Tag2, Flower7, Bow2, Flower1.

Layers new raster layer, Floodfill with white. 
Copy and paste doodle frame as a new layer, resize by 75%.


 Using your selection tool set on rectangle draw out a rectangle the size of the frame, copy Paper 3

Layers New Raster Layer, edit paste into selection. Keep selected.

Move this layer below the frame layer.

Now with Paper 5, copy, and then paste as new layer, selection invert, hit delete on your keyboard.

Select none.

On the top paper layer,  I changed the Blend mode to Burn, just play around with it till you are happy.


Add your tube as a new layer and position as desired within the frame.

Apply plugin. 
Plugin Xero Porcelain 
Softness 50, Strength 128, Brightness 128, 
Red Channel 0, Green Channel 0, Blue Channel 255, Ok.

Add a drop shadow.

I used Effects, 3D Effects, Vertical 4, Horizontal -2, Opacity 24, Blur 2.00, Colour Black, OK.


Duplicate the frame layer and place 1 under the tube and 1 above,

On the bottom frame layer only add a drop shadow of choice or use,

Effects, 3D Effects, Vertical 10, Horizontal -4, Opacity 24, Blur 2.00, Colour Black, OK.

I then erased some parts of the top frame to show more of the tube.


Add the flower resize to your liking, mirror and then add to the top right corner of the frame, add a drop shadow as above.

Add the can tag, resize by 65% twice, add a drop shadow.

Add the bow resize to your liking, add a drop shadow also.

After you have copied Flower1 you will have to resize it by 65% about 4 to 5 times,

position it over the black doodle flower at the bottom of the frame, duplicate and resize again for the other two flowers, (see my tag for reference)


Add  any other extras you like from the kit 

Add your name, and all appropriate © 

That’s it, all done. 

Once happy with your creation 
Resize all layers to your liking 
and your done. 

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial 

Here is another version of the same tut


Layout and Tutorial ©Janelle written on January 26th, 2009. 
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional. 
This represents my thoughts and creations. 
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