How Does Your Garden Grow

Supplies Needed

  • PSP- I used X but will work in any version
  • 1 Tube or Image of Choice

  • I used the Artwork of Suzanne Woolcott 
    You will need to purchase a license to use her work 
    here from AMI. 
  • Font of choice

  • Scrapkit used is from Laura of Cinnamon Dreamz
  • Her Kit Harley can be Purchased from Tantrum Scraps here
  • The Mask is from Chelle
  • Please visit her site here
  • Look under Downloads,Mask is WSL_Mask229

Okay let's get started

This will be a quick and easy one 
Open a new image 600x600 (we can resize later) 
Open your Tube and Mask 
Open the Scrap Kit, I used Paper2, Frame8, Flowerpots and hearts. 
Open any extra embellishments and ribbons of choice if you would like to use them. 

Layers, new raster layer floodfill with white. 
Copy and Paste Paper2 as a new layer 
Resize by 85% 

Layers, new mask layer, from image, find WSL_Mask229 
Source Luminance Checked, Invert Mask Data unchecked, OK. 
Merge Group. 

Copy and Paste Frame8 as a new layer 
Resize by 80%. 

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel. 
Bevel2, Width10, Smoothness17, Depth6, Ambience6, Shininess28, 
Colour White, Angle45, Intensity25, Elevation64, OK. 

Back on the mask layer use your pick tool to move the bottom of the mask so it is shorter around the frame 
(Use my tag for reference) 

Paste your tube or image as a new layer. 
Resize to suit. Add a drop shadow. 

Add your flowers and hearts resize to suit the tag. 

Add your name, and all appropriate © 
Add any extras if you want to your tag 

That’s it, all done. 
Told you it was going to be quick didn't I, LOL 

Once happy with your creation 
Resize all layers to your liking 
and your done. 

You can also add little animations to it if you like 

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial 

Layout and Tutorial ©Janelle written on July 19th, 2008. 
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional. 
This represents my thoughts and creations. 
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.