First Class

First Class




Supplies Needed:

PSP- I used X but will work in any version 
2  Tubes of Choice.

I used the Artwork of Psyco Jimi

Please check out his awesome  artwork  here
At the moment he is a Free To Use Artist so go check him out.
Font of choice I used Playcard Condensed

Filter (Optional) Plugin, Alien Skin Eye Candy5: Impact, Glass

Scrapkit Elements used are by Urban Fairytales called "Classic Mini"

The Mini Kit can be downloaded here


Okay let's get started

This will be a fairly quick one depending on your knowledge.

Open a new image 500x500 (we can resize later)
Open your tubes.
Open the scrap kit and choose Classic Frame2, Classic Light,and Classic Word Art1.
and any other embellishments of choice.


Layers, new raster layer floodfill with white.

Starting with Jimi's picture, Beautiful Day at the Beach

Copy and paste as new layer, resize to your liking and place toward the top of the canvas.

When you resize it leave a little bit of room around so we can add a drop shadow.

Once happy with the position, add a drop shadow of choice.

I used Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, Vertical 2, Horizontal -4, Opacity 20, Blur 4, Colour Black. OK

Then add another drop shadow but changing it to, Vertical -4, Horizontal 2, Opacity 20, Blur 4, Colour Black. OK


Next paste Classic Frame2 as a new layer, Resize by 80%. Using your selection tool, careful choose the 2 frames on the right and down to under the wording, hit delete on your keyboard.

Clean up any excess with the eraser tool, You should now only be left with the 2 frames on the left.


Paste your tube as new layer, resize to your liking and place to the right.

Erase and parts you dont want to use.


Duplicate it 3 times and resize if need be, we are going to use just parts of it for the insides of the frames.

Using one of the images, position it under the frame in the place of your choice.


Now on the frame layer use your magic wand tool and click inside the frame, go to Selections, Modify, Expand, by 6 Ok, then go Selections Invert back on the tube layer hit delete on your keyboard.

Repeat the same steps with the other tube.

Once happy add a drop shadow to the frame.


Now back on the beach picture I added a glass effect, this is optional.

You will need Plugin, Alien Skin Eye Candy5: Impact

Go to Effects, Alien Skin Eye Candy5: Impact, Glass and choose Clear no drop shadow, OK.


Now is the time to add the Word Art,

I have recoloured some of the words to suit my tube.

If you wish to do the same use your magic wand and select the parts you wish to colour, then go to Adjust ,Hue and Saturation, Colourize, change the colour markers to get your desired colour, OK.

At this point you can add any embellishments of choice.
Add your name, and all appropriate copywrite.

That's it, all done.
Once happy with your creation resize all layers to your liking and your done.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial 


Here is another example of the same tut, just slightly different.


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