Boxed Beauty


Supplies Needed

PSP- I used X but will work in any version.
Xero Filter Optional
1 Tube of Choice. I used the Artwork of Rion Vernon
You will need to purchase a license to use his work and can be
purchased here from CILM.
Font of choice I used Campanile
Scrapkit used is by Farrah, called "Flawless Beauty" which can be
purchase from Designer Scraps.

Okay let's get started

Open a new image 600x600 (we can resize later)
Open your tube.
Open the scrap kit and choose Box, flowers, lace doily, butterfly,
cluster, and any extra embellishments and
ribbons of choice if you would like to use them.
Layers new raster layer, floodfill with white
Paste your box as a new layer,resize by 75%
Duplicate, on the original layer, image, free rotate, left 15%, OK.
Copy and paste a flower of choice resize by 75% 3 times and position it
up near the flowers of the box,
move to underneath the box layer add a drop shadow. Repeat this with a
few different coloured flowers.
Arranging some on top and some underneath.
Add the LaceDoily as a new layer, add a drop shadow,
duplicate 3 times and position them all under the boxes so you can just
see the edges.
Paste your tube as new layer, and position it to your liking above your
top frame layer.
This tube will look like its inside the box
Once happy with its position use your selection tool and delete any
parts you dont want.
On the opacity change it to Soft Light.
Add your tube again, or a different tube and position were suitable.
For this tube layer I added the filter
Xero- Porcelain, settings,
Softness 50, Strength 128, Brightness 128, Red Chanel 0, Green Chanel
0, Blue Chanel 255, OK.
Then also added a Inner bevel
Bevel - Bevel 2, Width 10
Image - Smoothness 17, Depth 6, Ambience 6, Shininess 28
Light - Colour white, Angle 45, Intensity 25, Elevation 64, OK.
Add a drop shadow to your frame and tube layers.
Paste Frame2 as a new layer, resize by 75% 3 times.
Adjust, sharpness, sharpen, OK.
With your magic wand select inside the frame, selections modify, expand
by 5, OK.
Copy Paper6, New raster layer and paste into selection, select none.
Rotate both the frame and paper left 15%.
At this point you can add any embellishments or ribbons of choice.
Add your name, and all appropriate copywrite
That�s it, all done.
Once happy with your creation
Resize all layers to your liking
and your done.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial
Here is another example


Layout and Tutorial ©Janelle written on June 5th, 2008.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
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