Bad Ass B!tch

Bad Ass B!tch

This tutorial was written by Janelle on 24th August 2007.
Any resemblance to another tuturial on line is purely a coincidence.
This is my thoughts and creation.

Supplies needed

PSPX I used X but should be okay in other versions
4 Tubes of choice of same artist.
I used the work of Dave Nestler, you will need to purchase a license to use his work, which is available from CILM here
The Polaroid Brush and Diamontie are available here
I am not sure of the original creator of these, if they are yours please contact me for credit or I can have them removed.
You can use any Accent or extras you may like

Okay here we go

Open your tubes and accents, embelishments you require into PSP
And open your brush and import into your brush folder

Open a new canvas 500 x 500
New Raster Layer floodfill with white.
Layers, new Raster Layer find the polaroid brush, and at size 480 apply your brush to your canvas
I used white as my colour for this, and I applied it 4 times (just keep pressing 4 times)
add a dropshadow
5 Black

Layers, new Raster Layer add tube of choice for main picture. Resize to fit.
Using pick tool close in the side of your polaroid to adapt to your tube chosen.
Move tube layer under polaroid layer.
Add same Drop Shadow to tube, I applied mine twice.

Layers, new Raster Layer apply polaroid again but this time set at 150, apply 4 times, and add same drop shadow as above.
Image, free rotate, rotate image to the right at 10 degrees, adjust sharpness, sharpen.
Move to top of larger frame, (see tag for reference)
Duplicate move to bottom, then duplicate again, mirror move to middle.

Layers, new raster Layer add tube of choice for middle polaroid, move under polaroid.
On polaroid layer Selection tool, magic wand, click inside frame.
Selections modify, expand by 6 Ok.
Selections Invert, then hit Delete on your keyboard on your tube layer.
Selections select none.
Apply drop shadow to tube.
Repeat this process for the other 2 tubes

At this point I used the selection tool and removedc alittl of the larger polaroid off the bottom.

Okay we are nearly done
Add any extras, or the one supplied, and position to your liking.

Layers, new Raster Layer add text of choice, and add all © info that is required.
Add your name, and we are pretty much done
If you like you can recolour/colourize 1 or 2 of the polaroids to suit the tubes you have chosen, your choice.
Save your Image

Hope you enjoyed my very first tuturial